sonntag convinced us with the their anonymous market value determination. In particular, the above-average number of confidentiality statements and the purchase price offers have impressed us.

We gladly recommend the service to any entrepreneur who also has the idea of ​​regulating his company succession.

Thanks to the trustful cooperation with sonntag, the Hüttemann Group is today part of the largest glulam producer in Europe.

Schleuniger Holding AG, which belongs to the Swiss industrial group Metall Zug, acquires adaptronic Prüftechnik GmbH. sonntag corporate finance advised the seller.

We thank you for the very good cooperation at eye level, the honest and always open exchange as well as the support we could rely on at all times.

We are thankful that our transaction process was accompanied by a competent and reliable partner. We benefited from the experience of the project team, who designed the process efficiently and in a solution-based manner.

Our collaboration was always characterized by the very highest degree of professionalism and discretion.

We found the collaboration to be a constructive, professional and pleasant experience.

Direct and honest communication contributed decisively to arranging my succession.

A business acquaintance of ours recommended sonntag to us back then.

We are grateful that we are able to rely on such experienced partners.

Mr. Sonntag’s competence convinced back then even during our very first meetings.

The trustworthy cooperation which we were provided with at all times is something we came to greatly appreciate during the course of the process. 

We would highly recommend the services of Mr. Sonntag and his team.

I would like to warmly thank sonntag<b> </b>and recommend their outstanding services, which were not just promises, but actually turned to reality.

I was particularly impressed by the professionalism, determination and patience throughout the entire process as well as the fact that my interests always had the highest priority.

We are very satisfied with the services rendered and would be pleased to recommend sonntag Corporate Finance GmbH.

We felt well taken care of at all times, from a business perspective as well as at a human level.

Particular mention should be made of the serious and reliable approach at all times.

We highly recommend the services of Mr. Sonntag and his team.

SCF contributed decisively to the success of the transaction and met the requirements we made to our fullest satisfaction in terms of specialist competence and commitment.

Mr. Will was always passionately committed, had a positive sense of inner calm and demonstrated excellent negotiating abilities.

We were always highly satisfied in terms of quality and punctuality.

Our aim was to preserve our life's work and to pass it on into safe hands. Mr. Sonntag achieved this goal.

After having attempted to sell the company myself, I confidingly turned to sonntag, who kept their promise and found the successor for my life's work.

We got to know SCF as a consulting firm during the course of succession planning and would be pleased to recommend the services of Mr. Sonntag and his team.

Thomas Sonntag has sucsessfully adviced the seller on the sale of shares. He has also proved to be very trustworthy to us as the purchaser.

Thanks to his commitment, I was able to successfully avoid bankruptcy, stabilize the company financially and identify a strategic partner.

We have come to recognise Mr. Sonntag as a conscientious, committed and accessible advisor, whom we would recommend for the sale of companies without restriction.

The services rendered exceeded our expectations at all time and in every aspect.

We were very satisfied with the services rendered and can highly recommend Sonntag for advice pertaining to the sale of companies.

We would be pleased to recommend you for the consulting services for the reorganization of companies.

We thank you for the extremely competent and outstanding support for our important step into the world of self-employment.

We highly recommend Mr. Sonntag and his team.

The specialist competence was also of great benefit during the difficult negotiations with the financing companies and helped to realign the company.

Thanks to the very personal and individual approach of Mr. Sonntag, our company has been able to experience a very positive transformation in the last years.

We are very satisfied with the services rendered. We highly recommend Mr. Sonntag and his team.

Particular mention should be made of the professional approach, the trustworthiness and the dedication that characterized the work of Mr. Sonntag and his team.

Sonntag Corporate Finance GmbH rendered services with which our customer is very satisfied.

We felt supported by a reliable partner at all times.

We would particularly like to emphasize the persistence and focus placed on identifying management buy-in candidates and strategic investors.

Based on our previous collaboration, we recommend Sonntag for consulting with regard to corporate reorganization projects.

It should also be pointed out that after four weeks following order placement, there were already several offers from potential buyers.

We employed Mr. Sonntag as an advisor during the purchase of companies and during negotiations concerning a potential fusion and highly recommend his services.