Our service for you

Market value determination

Without revealing your identity, you will find out what the market is really offering for your company.

Company sale

Once we have determined the market value for you, we will accompany you during the transaction up to the actual cash inflow.


If called for, we will involve experienced and highly competent partners and experts from our network, such as attorneys and tax consultants.

Transaction preparation

With a customized structure, we will optimize your business fiscally in collaboration with our partners in order to attain the maximum purchase price.

The sales process

Phase I - Determination of the market value

Phase II - The Transaction

Our contract model

When working with our clients, we make use of a contract model that consists of monthly fees (retainers) as well as a success-based fee upon conclusion of the sales contract.

Why do we do this?

The retainer underscores the seriousness of your interest to sell and also serves as a security deposit. Due to the fact that you, as seller, have the freedom to discontinue the process following the market determination phase (Phase I) if the market feedback is not to your liking, we have security by means of the retainer and are not solely dependent on the success fee.

The retainer however is in no way a gift! The payment made during the course of the project will be deducted from the success fee upon conclusion of the transaction.

For you, this contract model provides flexibility and gives you the assurance that we are only acting in your interest.

Find out why we consider consultants who work only on the basis of a success-based fee to be dubious in one our blog articles. 

Our subsidiary

With the establishment of our subsidiary Nachfolgekontor GmbH in 2014, the sonntag group has expanded its market segment from a transaction volume of EUR 2 million to EUR 10 million.

In contrast to Sonntag Corporate Finance GmbH, Nachfolgekontor GmbH is specialised in businesses with smaller transaction volumes. Standardised and digitalised processes make it possible for the subsidiary to provide the same transaction process in a lean and more cost effective form.

Does your company have a transaction volume of <EUR 10 million? In this case, Nachfolgekontor GmbH is the optimum partner for you. We would be pleased to put you into contact with the right contact partner for you.