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Earn-out agreement - opportunities and risks from the seller's point of view

A central point during M​&A contract negotiations is the determination of the purchase price for the target company.


New founders follow successors from the rank

Pros and cons regarding start-ups and succession plans


Austrian Mayr-Melnhof Holz acquires German Hüttemann Group

sonntag successfully completes the corporate sale of wood producers!


Does the "German engine" remain the same?

SMEs are considered the "engine" of the German economy. But will this "engine" continue to run in the future?

Corporate News

Project evaluation - transactions 2017

In 2017 we accompanied seven entrepreneurs in the sale of their company.


Company sale of the Bakery and and Confectionery Ziegler GmbH

sonntag closes company sale of bakery chain from Munich.


Metall Zug AG aquires adaptronic Prüftechnik GmbH

Again, we successfully accompany an entrepreneur in the sale of a company.

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Company evaluation for free

Company evaluation?

If you're happy to pay for it, please feel free to go to our competitors. We will give it to you for free.


Company assessment by means of the cash-value method – A brief critique

There are many methods used to calculate the value of a business. In this blog article, you will find a brief critique.


The absurdity of the success fee

"What? You want a success fee AND a monthly consulting fee?

"That means I'll be left with the consulting costs if nothing comes out of the deal!"

Corporate News

Team building

We invest in intensive team building. The added value that this creates and why trust and courage are important elements of product work.


Theoretical assessment vs. market value determination

The enterprise assessment is based on various methods that all lead to a mathematical value.