For more than 15 years, we
at sonntag have been pursuing a mission:

We secure the future of companies built up over a lifetime, arrange corporate succession and create fresh perspectives – and we do all this with an unyielding will, and passion that one would initially not expect to find in a consulting firm.

As experts in our field and one of Germany's largest providers for mergers & acquisitions (M&A) in the high-credit German mid-size business sector, we advise our clients in the purchase and sale of businesses with an outstanding reputation.

Our success can be attributed to our values of credibility, drive and responsibility.

We’ll support you through your journey every step of the way, providing transparent, pragmatic and fast service with the utmost discretion!

The story behind sonntag

Up until the establishment of the sonntag company, Thomas Sonntag had a somewhat atypical yet remarkable CV. Contrary to expectations, Mr. Sonntag is neither an economist nor an attorney – he is a historian.

After obtaining his degree, he worked for one of Germany's largest auditing firms and learned all there is to know about the M&A business from scratch. Following further training at the Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer [Institute of Public Auditors], it quickly became obvious that Mr. Sonntag had the know-how and competence to manage his own branch of the company and assumed the position of managing director. In the late nineties, his plans for self-employment persisted, yet were foiled by a lucrative offer from a renowned bank operating in the field of investment banking. Yet he quickly realized that large corporate structures as well as the settlement of big tickets on the stock exchange did not fit in with his idea of business consultancy. The foundation for the establishment of the sonntag company was laid.

"We distinguish ourselves from our competitors on the basis of the principle of honest market assessment. Market assessment as a price indicator is considerably more realistic than mathematical finance models of purchase price determination."

Our Team

Thomas Sonntag


Patrick Seip


Julian Will


Fabian Pitz

Finance & Tax

Louis Rosner

Project Management

Fabian Schmidt

Project Management

Susanne Müller

Office Management

Niklas Poppelreuter

Project Management

Nicole Baier

Office Management

Marcel Krieb

Project Management

Michael Ganter

Project Managment

Sebastian Ringleb

Project Management

Roland Wagner

Andreas Schuster

Project Management

David Weidmann

Project Management

Christian Klaus

Project Support

Benedikt Pohlner

Project Management

Sebastian Wissig

Project Management

Our vision

By 2021, we will be the No. 1 consultancy in Germany in terms of number of company sales with a transaction volume of 2 to 50 million EUR.